LXIII Catalonian Cocktail Championship

Next Sunday 7th of May we will be participating in the sixty-third edition of the Catalunya Cocktail Championship in the Terrace of the Hotel Duquesa de Cardona, Paseo de Colón 12 in Barcelona. We are delighted to be participating for another year as part of the jury and we can’t wait to see who will take the awards this year. We look forward to seeing you there on May 7!
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Waters of Spain and the world

This year has been published the book Waters of Spain and the World by Faustino Muñoz Soria, a book we highly recommended for all of you who are interested in gastronomy or simply in your health: water is a basic good and it is important to know what does it contain, what sorts of water we drink, who bottles them, and where they come from. Josep Maria Gotarda has collaborated on a small note about how water is an indispensable element in the world of cocktails. Water is present in the world of the cocktail from the ice cubes that refresh the drink (which must be made with the purest and most neutral water available) to the refreshing glasses of water served before a good cocktail. We leave here the note of Josep Maria and we encourage you to be more interested in the world of mineral water, we all consume water daily and it is important to know what we drink.



Visiting BrassClub and Chapeau 1987 in Mallorca

One week ago we had the pleasure to visit two of the most famous bars in Palma de Mallorca: the BrassClub and Chapeau 1987, we want to thank Fernando Martín and Borja Triñanes for inviting us and of course we recommend these two magnificent places, if you are in Palma de Mallorca do not miss them!
1Josep María with Fernando Martín from BrassClub bar


The BrassClub’ spectacular ceiling

2Borja Triñanes behind the bar


Beefeater and International Women’s day

Today is a an important day: as every 8th of march women all around the world will bring themselves to the streets and claim for their rights as they fight for an equal society. We, from our little bar, would like to show you something that we hope you will find, in the worst case, interesting and at best, hopeful.

In 2007 Moira Cameron managed to become the first yeoman woman (better known as Beefeaters: the ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London), after 522 years of male tradition in which they had never let a woman become a beefeater, mainly because the requirements necessary to opt for yeoman excluded women from base. Thanks to days like today rules have changed and and for a relatively short period of time women are able to access to this job too, Moira had completed 22 years of military service to become a beefeater and was between 40 and 55 years old (requirements still needed today) and despite not being the first woman to run for the post, she was the first to beat the 5 male candidates who had presented themselves at the same time as her for the position. But her fight did not end there, once was in she was harassed by two of her teammates, Mark Sanders-Crook and Bob Brown, she managed to get them fired after being proved that they destroyed her uniform and subjected her to cyber-harassment systematically, simply because Moira was a woman, the only woman.

“…Be yourself – don’t change who you are to try and fit in. After all, it is ‘you’ who will get ‘you’ there and look at yourself in the mirror. Every morning smile and tell yourself you are good enough…”

- Moira Cameron

Moira is the living proof of what does the feminist movement stands for: equality between sexes and, in honor for her achievement, Beefeater designed a limited edition bottle where its characteristic yeoman is a characteristic woman yeoman, at Ideal we have this unique bottle:



From Ideal, we want to encourage all the women that today are going out to the streets, all of those who will not be able to but they would love and all those who unfortunately won’t be able to ever again, there is always a little hope in all the right fightes, however bleak the outlook may seem. Happy March 8th to all!


Blue Cocktails thursdays at MACBA

Barmen of Barcelona shake the bar of the International.
The city’s best mixologist also want to join in the many acts that have been held recently in the legendary New York restaurant that Miralda and Montse Guillén have reproduced inside the Macba exhibition.


At the end of October, the retrospective that the contemporary art museum of Barcelona has dedicated to the work that the artist produced in the United States opened its doors with the classic Blue Margarita. A cocktail that was born in the bar of this renowned restaurant which now the city’s mixologists want to pay homage.
For this reason, the next Thursday mixologists from Boadas, Caribbean Club, Fizz Bartenders, ESHOB school and Ideal Cocktail bar will offer an original blue cocktail with a tequila base created to pay tribute to the International universe.
The bartenders of the city will happily collaborate every “Thursday of Blue Cocktails”, once again, an event that celebrates the cocktails as an art of sharing ideas, experiences and culture.



schedule 5 to 7:30 PM

Thursday 9 march – Escuela ESHOB (Students of the third TGM)
Thursday 16 march – Ideal Cocktail Bar (Josep Maria Gotarda)
Thursday 23 march – Caribbean Club (Juanjo Gonzalez)
Thursday 30 march – FIZZ Bartenders (Héctor Henche Vila)
Thursday 6 april – Boadas (Adal Marquez) – tribute to Maria Dolors Boadas

Barcelona’s Resilient Bar Culture

This week we’ve been featured at The Daily Beast in their article Barcelona’s Resilient Bar Culture we recommend you to take a look at this article which is about all those bars that survived Franco’s dictatorship and are still going strong to the present day, bars as our Ideal that have demonstrated extraordinary strength and perseverance, along with us they also highlight the Club Caribbean, the Dry Martini and Bar Boadas as examples of other successful pubs that have been around for several years and are still trying to innovate and improve day by day.

“I don’t want to talk about modern bars. Instead, I want to talk about the old ones. The ones that were around during Franco’s reign and the years of reconstruction that came in his wake, and are still, amazingly, here today. Not only are they great bars, but, after an evening spent visiting perhaps (OK, definitely) too many of them, I think they also have a message for us.”
- David Wondrich, The Daily Beast’s Senior Drinks Columnist and the James Beard Award-winning author

IMG_1067 Ideal Cocktail Bar

DRY-MARTINI_5728Dry Martini

4672df4980654442da680b2435e3a9d4_0Caribbean Club

Mannequin Challenge at Ideal!

For those of you who don’t know about it one of the most viral internet trends this year was the Mannequin Challenge! A challenge that consists of staying as quiet and still as you and your friends possibly can while a camera records the whole scene. So a few days ago a group of clients decided that the best way to wish happy birthday to one of their pals was to record a mannequin challenge at Ideal, where else of course! We quickly signed up for it and helped them record the video and, not that we recorded the whole thing but… it looks great!!

Merry Christmas from Ideal

Last tuesday as every year we celebrated at Ideal the already classic, Ideal Cocktail’s Bar Christmas party. One more year we celebrated this season with the best cocktails and cava and besides that we had a fine selection of tapas and meals made specially for the ocasion. We hope you enjoyed the afternoon just as much as we did, here we leave you a selection of pictures, if you want to see the rest go to our facebook. Happy 2017 and as you know, we’ll wait for you at Ideal Cocktail Bar!

















Antoni Miralda and the Honeymoon Project


Antoni Miralda was born in Terrassa (Barcelona) in 1942. After spending two years in Paris and two in London, in 1966 he settled in the French capital until 1972, when he moved to New York. He currently lives between Miami and Barcelona. In the sixties, with the so-called ‘Paris Catalans’ (Joan Rabascall, Jaume Xifra, Benet Rossell and Dorothée Selz) he organised a series of happenings or collective rituals around ceremonial food from the perspective of colour and symbolism. Initially in collaboration with Dorothée Selz, and from 1972 with the museum keeper and chef Montse Guillén, he made food the object of his artistic work.


Over the years, he has created large installations in a non-conformist language that is lively, baroque and kitsch and which brings art to life. In major works like Honeymoon Project, a symbolic marriage between the statue of Columbus in Barcelona and the Statue of Liberty in New York, he uses a universal activity such as food to carry out a deconstruction of prejudices in a world that is already global. Many of his works promote collective participation in a context of play and partying.

This was the project that would unexpectedly unite Miralda and Ideal, in 1988 the townhall of Hospitalet de Llobregat called a contest between barmans in order to elect the best cocktail to celebrate this wedding, it had to be blue and non-alcoholic, and the winner was Manel Roldan our barman from Ideal Cocktail bar.

Years later MACBA has programmed an exhibition: The MIRALDA MADEINUSA that recovers all of the artist’s projects related to his stay in the United States from the mid-seventies to the late nineties.

We strongly recommend you to visit MACBA’s exhibition as well as paying a visit to Manel in our bar and ask for a Honeymoon Blues cocktail in honor to Miralda!