Guillermo Fontseré creates cocktail “Bloody Igualada” on the occasion of blood donation Marathon

Our well-known barman Guillermo contributed to the 10th edition of the blood donation marathon of Igualada, that took place last 21th of september, by designing a brand new cocktail known by the name of ‘bloody Igualada’ made out of agave juice, egg white, red cranberries juice and ginger soda.



Regional cocktail competition 2013

This sunday the 22th will take place the regional cocktail competition at Hotel Duquesa de Cardona, this competition will have two categories:

BARMAN: Over 27 years old
JOVE BARMAN: Under 27 years old

We expect you there and good luck!

Place: Hotel Duquesa de Cardona Pg. de Colón 12, Barcelona
Time: 18:00pm
Contact: Josep Mª Gotarda, president tlf. 93 453 10 28