Scotch Whisky Selection 2013 – 2014


Since this month Ideal Cocktail bar has a brand new whiskey collection, a selection of 2013 – 2014 Whiskies of the best brands: Islay Mist and Compass Box Co.


Islay Mist whiskeys is a reknwon brand of Scotch whiskeys famous for its aroma and traditional distillation handed down from generation to generation. Moreover Compass Box Co. are other specialists in the manufacture of Scotch whiskeys famous for its varied range of whiskeys that span the spectrum of flavors that can offer scotches.

We invite you to come and try some of them!

Tribute to Boadas

Last tuesday of October the 28th was held in the hotel Comptes de Barcelona the tribute to Boadas for his 80th birthday.


The event had 400 attendees some of them well known, such as Joan Manuel Serrat, members of the Club Bartender also attended among whom were Javier de las Muelas Josep Maria Gotarda (current president of the club) and Manuel Tirvio from Tirsa Cocktail Bar of Hospitalet, in addition to all those members who wanted to join the tribute.


The directors of the Club gave to the honorees an award that consisted of a reproduction of Miquel Boadas hands with a commemorative inscription in gratitude to the work of eighty years in favor of disclosure of cocktails.