Fira Alimentaria 2014


Last April the 1st Josep M ª Gotarda along with Carlos Moreno were the exclusive guests at the Alimentaria Fair 2014, they were part of a conference schedule called The Alimentaria Experience where renowned chefs from around the world created different dishes and offered the visitors a unique gourmet experience.

Josep M ª Gotarda was one of the speakers at the conference (also called “showcookings”) scheduled, the master mixologist revisited classics from the cocktail world offering the visitors new versions of the most famous cocktails.



This year’s Sant Jordi we have made a very unique cocktail, the GinJordideal, the union between this festivity and the iconic gintonic we all know.


These are the ingredients needed:
- 6 cl. of Gin Giró
- 1 touch of rose water
- 1 drop of orange blossom
- 1 drop of rose water bitter
- lemon twist
- Fever-Tree tonic
Finally it’s liqueured with rose petals and lyophilized berries.


This cocktail has a strong floral touch and it’s made with a very mediterranean gin, this is due to the fact that the gin we used it’s the authentic, based in Barcelona Gin, Gin Giró. Furthermore the flower blossom as well as the water of roses are very used in the pastries of the eastern part of the Mediterranean, the lemons are from ecological local farms and finally the international part of this cocktail that is made with our very own ingredients is the Fever-Tree tonic.



We invite you to come to Ideal Cocktail Bar just after buying a book or a rose and try our GinJordideal Ideal, and if you want to know more about cocktails don’t hesitate to buy our book Alquímia Fría


Interview for El Punt Avui

Foto de contra a Jos

Today we can see an interview on the cover of the newspaper “El Punt Avui” with Josep Maria Gotarda done by Rosa M. Bravo, the master mixologist talks about the origins of the Ideal Bar, the cocktail world issues and how it has influenced humanity throughout history, from ancient Greece to James Bond.

MAGNIFICAT Del terroir a la copa

MAGNIFICAT 2014 II (21)Showroom

On April the 1st took place the first edition of Magnificat, from the terroir to the cup, a professional meeting which brought together major international wineries and spirits.
MAGNIFICAT 2014 II (88) Buffet

MAGNIFICAT 2014 II (151) Sesión coctelería Roger Groult

The event, organized by Juvé & Camps and the distributor Primeras Marcas, was held in the hold of Espiells, in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. Throughout the day, historical tastings and cocktail master classes took place along with a permanent showroom was displayed with all of their processors from all participating wineries.

MAGNIFICAT 2014 II (83)Showroom mesa Juvé & Camps

Master classes of mixology were given during all day by José Mª Gotarda which ended in the making of 800 cocktails. We show you the drinks menu in case you wish to try any of them.

MAGNIFICAT 2014 II (90) Buffet

In the end it was a successful 1st edition thanks to the participants as well as the organizers

Gin and tonic: how-to guide to finally enjoy it


Last March the 17th Glamouratis online magazine mentioned us in its article about the best places to enjoy gin and tonic in Barcelona and Madrid, here you have the link to the article, don’t hesitate and come try it by yourself at Ideal!