Six cocktails for this summer

In collaboration with 7caníbales website we have listed 6 ideal for summer cocktails, here you have the recipes, if you want to know more please visit the following link: Seis cócteles para este verano



4 cl. Xoriguer gin
2 cl. Southern Confort (whisky and peach liquor)
4 cl. blueberry juice
banana, agave and lemon foam

Refreshing cocktail and complex on the palate. With personality. It is slightly sweet and not for consumers of Dry Martini.

Summer Time


4 cl. Apperol
3 cl. orange juice
2 cl Ginger Beer by Fever-Tree
1 cl tequila
1 cl egg-white
0,5 cl mint cream

Ideal cocktail for the mojito lover. Soft alcohol, the tequila can be replaced with any other distillate that we like. We chose the tequila because it gives a touch that plant next to Apperol make a great appetizer. The egg is only decorative and does not add flavor.

Grappa Appetizer


3 cl. grappa chardonnay
2 cl. Amaro Nonino
4 cl. rose vermouth
1 leaf of mint
1 dried raspberry

It is completely a cocktail snack, a tribute to the vermouth, giving a touch of the essence of wine to grappa. It may seem like a strong cocktail, but as a starter is very delicate with a sweet and sour finishing touch.

Coco Colado


7 cl. pinneapple juice
3 cl. coconut water
2 cl. coconut syrup
4 cl. rum

A tribute to the pina colada and vacations in exotic locations. It’s a cocktail for lovers of exotic travel, coconut water brought from Thailand.

Mai Tai


4 cl. white rum
1 cl. lime
2 cl. almond syrup
3 cl. pinneapple juice
a touch of grenadine syrup
a drop of angostura bitter

Soft, refreshing and just the right sweetness that is offset by lime, almond syrup and angostura. Round on the palate, you will want to repeat.

Gintonic from Barcelona


5 cl. of GinRaw
lemon peel
2 drops of tabasco

The GinRaw is a new gin made in Barcelona, of which 5,000 bottles have been produced. It is very balanced, creamy and perfectly integrated with botanists. I could not miss a gin and tonic in the proposals for the summer, so this is a tribute to a city so popular around the world and the most visited by tourists in summer. The two drops of Tabasco will remove acidity to the mix.