LXI National Congress of Mixology for Barmans and young Barmans

This week we are in the national congress for Cocktail Barmen Barmen and youth held in Malaga, the event to be held between 20 and 24 October, will bring together a series of events, master classes, dinners, excursions, etc. around the figure of the cocktail.

Over 200 delegates and a total of 38 participants from 19 associations from across barman of the national territory gathered at the event, organized by the Spanish Association Barman (ABE) Malaga-Costa del Sol and the delegation will be given Tourism of Benalmádena, in collaboration with the Federation of Associations of Spain Barman (FABE) and Malaga Provincial Council through the brand flavor Málaga.




Tapa solidaria 2014

As every year this past October the 3rd took place the fourth edition of Tapa Solidària, at the Tickets restaurant. Until January the 7th we will serve a benefic tapa which profit will be donated to Casal dels Infants, if you want to know what other restaurants and bars are participating in this project check out this link. Thanks a lot again to the Casal dels Infants for offering one more year this opportunity of helping the most needed, your help will be translated in more opportunities for the children.