Ideal’s Treasure


We have a very special treasure at Ideal, the McCallum’s Perfection whisky. This is a historical brand of whisky, the story of it goes this way: The brothers Duncan and John McCallum went into business together in Edinburgh as innkeepers and wine and spirits merchants in 1807. Their base of operations happened to be a pub known as the Tattie Pit*, which was soon expanded to include a shop and warehouse. By 1914, the McCallums numbered many members of the Scottish aristocracy among their customers. Sadly, the pub was utterly demolished in April 1916, during the only zeppelin bombing raid of the First World War, that took Edinburgh as its target. Long before this date, however, the company had passed to the brother’s nephew (they had remained bachelors).
Duncan McCallum Stewart, who set about selling his brands overseas rather than in the home market.
McCallum’s Perfection was introduced in 1911, and became a favourite in Australia (where the company established an office in Sydney) as well as in New Zealand. It is one of only two brands described as ‘Scots’ whisky.
McCallum joined DCL in 1937 Perfections is available in the UK, but its principal market is in Thailand. Secondary markets are in New Zealand, St Kitts and Nevis. You can look for furthermore information checking this link: whisky exchange

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Now you can purchase this whisky at Ideal, we are sure all whisky lovers will enjoy such a great whisky.