Vinari contest of Catalonia’s Best Vermouths

Last friday Josep Maria Gotarda joined the Catalonian vermouth competition hosted by Vinari as a judge, the winner of the Catalonia’s Best Vermouth was Yzaguirre Rojo, in the other categories the winners were:

White, golden and orange vermouth:

Gold Vinari: Vermut Chappó blanc
Silver Vinari: Vermouth Yzaguirre Blanco Reserva
Bronze Vinari (1): Vermut Chappó Daurat
Bronze Vinari (2): Vermut de Falset taronja

Black vermouth category:

Gold Vinari: Vermut Cori
Silver Vinari: Olave Rojo
Bronze Vinari: Vermut Miró Roig


Congratulations to all the winners!