Congress at La Cartoixa of Montalegre

La Cartuja de Santa Maria de Montalegre (in Tiana by the Maresme) held on October 30th its sixth anniversary since its foundation. Throughout this time it has left us an important cultural legacy of great historical value, little known and little studied.

For this reason, the XXXIV International Conference on the Cartuja de Montalegre aims to celebrate in a singular way this date by providing experts and society in general all of its history, charisma, architecture, literature, etc. as well as to allow for their full knowledge and appreciation of the intellectual and spiritual work of its monks.

Ideal Cocktail bar contributed to this celebration creating the “Montalegre” cocktail, our barman Guillem attended the event where he made this new cocktail and along with Màrius Serra both enlivened this day in the monastery, here we leave you with some pictures of the event.