Barcelona stirs the shaker


Last saturday the journalist Patricia Castán wrote in El Periódico an interesting article about the evolution of the cocktail scene in Barcelona, over time we have passed from the gintonic revolution to, little by little, seeing new places all over the streets of our city specialized in premium mixology. A better educated public with a strong interest and taste for cocktails along with the democratization of this kind of drinks prices are the key concepts that explain why every day there are more of this bars in Barcelona. Due to this exciting change in the scene El Club del Barman has crafted a “tour” guide featuring the best 30 cocktail bars in Barcelona, each bar has been selected by the 200 members belonging to the club presided by Josep Mª Gotarda who states that “just for the quality, Barcelona already stands out as a cocktail capital city”.

Among the selected bars we can find a diverse range: from the very first and classic mixology bars such as Ideal Cocktail Bar itself (stablished in 1931 and making cocktails since the ’50s) which has been witness of the renewal of its clientele as well as the rebirth of the cocktail culture, to the newest additions like Mutis or Bocachica or the kitchens of grand hotels the kinds of Ohla or the Mandarin Oriental whose bars are already taking part of this mixology revival. If you want to read the rest of the article follow the next link: Barcelona stirs the shaker.

“When I grow up I want to be a chef”

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Recently the newspaper Ara made an extent article about the students of the Escola Superior de Hostelería de Barcelona (ESHOB, the Barcelona’s superior school of hostelry), nowadays catalan cuisine is one of the most famous and looked up to cuisines in the world therefore lots of girls and boys decide to take hostelry as a career. In the ESHOB Josep Mª Gotarda is one of the professors that teach this future chefs all the things they have to know, each monday at ten in the morning they have mixology class, and there’s where Gotarda teach them not only the preparation for every cocktail but the secrets hidden in each ingredient and the different ways one can prepare the the same cocktail. If you want to read the rest of the chronicle follow the next link: Jo de gran vull ser cuiner.

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Mixology artists in Barcelona.

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Last saturday the 9th Josep Mª Gotarda had a little profile made by the newspaper “El Periódico” in their section “Mixology Artists”, they highlighted the fact that hi won his first mixology award at seventeen as well as his different jobs an experience in Paris and Canada, finally it explained how nowadays Josep Mª has become one of the most important figures in the Mixology world since he became head of the Ideal Cocktail Bar at the age of 25 years old. His recommended cocktail? The Piscosour: pisco, bitter, egg white, lemon juice and sugar, all mixed in a shaker.