Ideal in Le Shaker

Le Shaker magazine has reviewed us in their last number of June, Ideal Cocktail Bar can be find inside the report of Barcelona’s best cocktail bars along with other great bars of the city, besides the review we talk to them about our very own Ideal Cocktail, here we leave you the extracts of the magazine and the recipe for the Ideal Cocktail.

portada shakerextracto shker


Ideal Cocktail


  • 5cl of White Mezcal from Ágave Espadín
    1/4 of orange
    2cl of cinnamon and chile syrup
    3.5cl of strawberry purée
    2cl of lime juice
  • Elaboration
    Put in a shaker the chopped orange and pestle it, after that add the rest of the ingredients with quite a lot of ice. It will be served shaked in an individual jar with enough crushed ice. To decorate put a piece of pink grapefruit and a piece of papaya, both of them dehydrated.