Rhum Clément, world’s most expensive rum

We recently discovered in Ideal one of those news that has attracted much attention and it is that the established record for the most expensive bottle of rum ever created has just been renewed. The Clément house and the Maison Tournaire jewelery maker have created, for anyone who has enough money, the world’s most expensive and exclusive rum bottle: the 1966 Agricole Vintage Rum, valued at… 100,000€!

3The bottle itself, as you can see in the images, is a work of goldwork, made with Baccarat glass and a cap that is the icing on the cake: an extremely detailed representation of the Habitation Clément estate made with 200 grams of 18 carat yellow and red gold bevelled and 4 carat diamonds set at the tip and edges. Maison Tournaire has been in charge of such design, a small company recognized worldwide for its jewels inspired by architectural works. In addition to all this the bottle comes in a custom made case made of aged leather, the whole set is one of the most exquisite creations in the world.


And now, after seeing that they have not saved expenses in terms of what “packaging” refers, we wonder how the rum, the soul of this product, is: Clément has chosen for this occasion a vintage of 1966, bottled in 1991 which has not been commercialized to date, according to its tasting note, the house Clément says that “the expressive and powerful nose of this aged rum seduces instantly with its notes both warm and sweet. The aromas of chocolate, spice bread and mocha, are mixed with finely spiced and sugary notes of vanilla and candied fruits (fig, date, orange) .After the airing it, subtle notes of box of cigars appear. Powerful and voluptuous at the beginning, the aromas perceived in the nose by the taste of this 1966 vintage, round and with body, stands out for its subtle notes of licorice. Finally, the intensity and power of the aromas extend in the mouth with an exquisite sweetness that lasts for several seconds “.

The idea of this bottle was born “from a meeting of passionate people”, the general director of Tournaire, Frédéric de Saint-Romain, and the commercial director of Clément, Dominique de la Guigneraye, both explained. A conversation about rum led to this idea: to make a replica of the house Clément in the form of a cap, inspired by the Architecture rings produced by the famous jeweler. Grégoire Gueden, CEO of Clément, confessed that he had wondered “if there were people so crazy” to buy it. In the end, the bottle found an owner in less than two months, as did his little sisters: eight bottles of Baccarat glass with an identical but bronze cap, sold for 19,000 euros each. Buyers came from Greece, Belgium and even Martinique.

Both promoters of the idea each gave 7,500 euros to the Association for the Information and Prevention of Drepanocitosis (APIPD), an inherited disease that is characterized by the presence of abnormal hemoglobin in the red blood cells and is the most widespread genetic disease in the world.


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