The Vermouth Handbook

Ester Bachs has published this year the Vermouth Guide, this little book tells the history of this drink and includes as well a lot of recipes to do with it. Additionaly it talks about us as one of the pioneering bars in working with vermouth in the mixology world, it also has a foreword by the reknown chef Carme Ruscalleda and a compilation of the best cocktail bars where you can enjoy a good vermouth.
If you want to know how to prepare an Amber, a Triple XXX or a Platinum cocktail run to the nearest bookstore and get yourselves a copy, you won’t regret it!



Seagram’s Gin Barcelona vintage guide


In the latest Seagram’s Gin vintage guide written by Mario Suárez and Anabel Vázquez they have devoted a few pages to Ideal Cocktail Bar also they made a little profile on Josep Mª Gotarda. In the guide you’ll find some of the history of our bar, for example how it has been opened and managed by the same family since 1931, firstly with Antonio Gotarda and nowadays with Josep Mª Gotarda, also you can get to know which personalities have come to visit us along the years, from Charlton Heston to Josep Pla.

“I learned from my father everything I know about mixology, a classic but pure mixology.”

Josep Mª Gotarda.



Seagarm’s Gin Cocktail: Green Promenade

  • Pour in the shaker 5cl of cold macerated with fennel leaves for a couple of minutes gin.
  • Filter it and add 2.5 cl of Agave syrup and 2.5 cl of lime juice and enough ice.
  • Shake it and pour it in a cocktail glass.
  • Add air that has been previously prepared with mineral water, brine and sucro, which is known as “manzanilla olive brine air”

The book of Tapa Solidària


Now that Christmas night is coming we want to show you the project that really excites us: the book of la Tapa Solidària!

In the last months lots of bars and restaurants have collaborated in order to make this book happen, a creative and solidary book in which we show you the recipe of our tapa (potato omelette) and the secrets of our kitchen, this is the tapa that we’ll be serving until half January.All of the earnings made by the sell of this book will be donated to the ONG Casal dels Infants, an organization that fights against poverty affecting kids, teenagers and families in the most vulnerable neighborhoods of Barcelona.

Beginning this sunday the 7th of December you’ll be able to find the book in your nearest bookshop, don’t miss the oportunity to make a change with this present for Christmas!

Casa meva és casa vostra

El pasado 23 de marzo enel corte ingles de sabadell de Barcelona tuvo lugar la presentación oficial del libro “Casa teva és casa meva”  autor josep gamell amb elisabeth Carnissé i amb el convidat de l’imitador del inistesta del programa Crakovia