Barcelona’s Resilient Bar Culture

This week we’ve been featured at The Daily Beast in their article Barcelona’s Resilient Bar Culture we recommend you to take a look at this article which is about all those bars that survived Franco’s dictatorship and are still going strong to the present day, bars as our Ideal that have demonstrated extraordinary strength and perseverance, along with us they also highlight the Club Caribbean, the Dry Martini and Bar Boadas as examples of other successful pubs that have been around for several years and are still trying to innovate and improve day by day.

“I don’t want to talk about modern bars. Instead, I want to talk about the old ones. The ones that were around during Franco’s reign and the years of reconstruction that came in his wake, and are still, amazingly, here today. Not only are they great bars, but, after an evening spent visiting perhaps (OK, definitely) too many of them, I think they also have a message for us.”
- David Wondrich, The Daily Beast’s Senior Drinks Columnist and the James Beard Award-winning author

IMG_1067 Ideal Cocktail Bar

DRY-MARTINI_5728Dry Martini

4672df4980654442da680b2435e3a9d4_0Caribbean Club