Interview at La veu de l’Empresari

Last december the 3rd Josep Mª Gotarda was interviewed at the tv show “La veu de l’Empresari”, you can watch the whole interview in the video below, they discussed about the history of the Ideal Cocktail Bar as well as the different kind of cocktails and their origins (special atenttion to the Suau 2.0 review) also they talked about many more things, don’t miss it!

Interview at El Matí a Ràdio4

Yesterday Josep María Gotarda was interviewed at the Ràdio 4 channel program El Matí, conducted by Ramon Castelló, they talked about the gintonic history as well as the evolution and future of the famous cocktail. Gintonic has come to stay and it’s nowadays a well-knowm part of the gastronomic history of Spain. You can listen to the interview here:

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href="">El matí a Ràdio 4 – 18 de setembre 2014 3a hora


Interview for El Punt Avui

Foto de contra a Jos

Today we can see an interview on the cover of the newspaper “El Punt Avui” with Josep Maria Gotarda done by Rosa M. Bravo, the master mixologist talks about the origins of the Ideal Bar, the cocktail world issues and how it has influenced humanity throughout history, from ancient Greece to James Bond.