Sherry, the new trend in pairing

For a long time in the gastronomic world we have had in high esteem the wines from Jerez (the sherries), especially the “fino” variety of sherry, these wines have very special characteristics thanks to the unique fermentation process that they follow and are the most recommended to pair with appetizers or meals due the fact that their fermentation process makes them stimulate the taste buds way more than other wines.

The world of restoration is beginning to establish the fino as a key to pairing and in the mixology world it is increasingly being included in recipes, in fact in Ideal we have talked about cases like the Tio Pepe Challenge. I’ts been a few years now since in Ideal we decided to start buying the Tio Pepe Fino in Rama, a limited edition wine that is made especially for the Fería de Abril festivity, a very popular holiday in Andalucía, this wine stands out for its freshness and intensity, it’s the perfect wine to pair with fish and seafood and also with tapas (of course!), in Ideal we recommend to accompany this fino with some of the tapas that we make like the potato omelette, the table of stilton, the tapa of anchovies or with the white clams form the Galician rías tapa.

We encourage you to pay us a visit and enjoy a good tapa with the Fino en Rama 2017 and get off to a good start this summer!