Josep Mª Gotarda interview at Catalunya Ràdio’s “El Suplement”

This Sunday we had the pleasure of chatting about gintonics with the guys of the radio program El Suplement of Catalunya Ràdio, along with Pep Nogué, Roger Escap and Jordi MIllán. The program took place at La Terrassa del Duquesa and we want to thank all the people who made it possible, you can hear the radio program here (in Catalan):




Interview at El Matí a Ràdio4

Yesterday Josep María Gotarda was interviewed at the Ràdio 4 channel program El Matí, conducted by Ramon Castelló, they talked about the gintonic history as well as the evolution and future of the famous cocktail. Gintonic has come to stay and it’s nowadays a well-knowm part of the gastronomic history of Spain. You can listen to the interview here:

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href="">El matí a Ràdio 4 – 18 de setembre 2014 3a hora


Gin and tonic: how-to guide to finally enjoy it


Last March the 17th Glamouratis online magazine mentioned us in its article about the best places to enjoy gin and tonic in Barcelona and Madrid, here you have the link to the article, don’t hesitate and come try it by yourself at Ideal!