Waters of Spain and the world

This year has been published the book Waters of Spain and the World by Faustino Muñoz Soria, a book we highly recommended for all of you who are interested in gastronomy or simply in your health: water is a basic good and it is important to know what does it contain, what sorts of water we drink, who bottles them, and where they come from. Josep Maria Gotarda has collaborated on a small note about how water is an indispensable element in the world of cocktails. Water is present in the world of the cocktail from the ice cubes that refresh the drink (which must be made with the purest and most neutral water available) to the refreshing glasses of water served before a good cocktail. We leave here the note of Josep Maria and we encourage you to be more interested in the world of mineral water, we all consume water daily and it is important to know what we drink.



2016 Spanish Mixology Championship

Last sunday October the 9th it was held in Madrid the 2016 Spanish Cocktail Competition now in its 63rd edition and whose organization is in charge of the Federation of Spanish Barmans (FABE) and the Association of Barmen of Madrid. Sergi Sànchez of Ideal Cocktail Bar and Josep Maria Gotarda were there participating in it, here we leave you with a few pictures of the event






With Alícia Barcos, Concha de Marie Brizard, Pepe Dioni president of the Spanish barmans, Javier de las Muelas and Josep María Gotarda

The Vermouth Handbook

Ester Bachs has published this year the Vermouth Guide, this little book tells the history of this drink and includes as well a lot of recipes to do with it. Additionaly it talks about us as one of the pioneering bars in working with vermouth in the mixology world, it also has a foreword by the reknown chef Carme Ruscalleda and a compilation of the best cocktail bars where you can enjoy a good vermouth.
If you want to know how to prepare an Amber, a Triple XXX or a Platinum cocktail run to the nearest bookstore and get yourselves a copy, you won’t regret it!



LXII Catalonia’s Mixology Championship

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-19 a las 15.03.27

Las 15th of May we had the pleasure of being part of the LXII Catalonia’s Mixology Championship jury in the Barman and Young Barman categories. The championship took place at the Terraza del Duquesa and the jury was formed by professionals of the mixology world as well as professors of the Hostelry School of Catalonia.
The winners were Sergi Sánchez (from our very own Ideal Cocktail Bar) in the Young Barman category and Julio Montero (from the Torre Rosa cocktail bar) in the Barman category, congratulations to the winners, we’d like to thank all the participants and people who came to enjoy this event and a special thank you to the sponsors for the help!
Here we leave a selection of photos from the day, to see the rest go here







Seagram’s Gin Barcelona vintage guide


In the latest Seagram’s Gin vintage guide written by Mario Suárez and Anabel Vázquez they have devoted a few pages to Ideal Cocktail Bar also they made a little profile on Josep Mª Gotarda. In the guide you’ll find some of the history of our bar, for example how it has been opened and managed by the same family since 1931, firstly with Antonio Gotarda and nowadays with Josep Mª Gotarda, also you can get to know which personalities have come to visit us along the years, from Charlton Heston to Josep Pla.

“I learned from my father everything I know about mixology, a classic but pure mixology.”

Josep Mª Gotarda.



Seagarm’s Gin Cocktail: Green Promenade

  • Pour in the shaker 5cl of cold macerated with fennel leaves for a couple of minutes gin.
  • Filter it and add 2.5 cl of Agave syrup and 2.5 cl of lime juice and enough ice.
  • Shake it and pour it in a cocktail glass.
  • Add air that has been previously prepared with mineral water, brine and sucro, which is known as “manzanilla olive brine air”

Barcelona stirs the shaker


Last saturday the journalist Patricia Castán wrote in El Periódico an interesting article about the evolution of the cocktail scene in Barcelona, over time we have passed from the gintonic revolution to, little by little, seeing new places all over the streets of our city specialized in premium mixology. A better educated public with a strong interest and taste for cocktails along with the democratization of this kind of drinks prices are the key concepts that explain why every day there are more of this bars in Barcelona. Due to this exciting change in the scene El Club del Barman has crafted a “tour” guide featuring the best 30 cocktail bars in Barcelona, each bar has been selected by the 200 members belonging to the club presided by Josep Mª Gotarda who states that “just for the quality, Barcelona already stands out as a cocktail capital city”.

Among the selected bars we can find a diverse range: from the very first and classic mixology bars such as Ideal Cocktail Bar itself (stablished in 1931 and making cocktails since the ’50s) which has been witness of the renewal of its clientele as well as the rebirth of the cocktail culture, to the newest additions like Mutis or Bocachica or the kitchens of grand hotels the kinds of Ohla or the Mandarin Oriental whose bars are already taking part of this mixology revival. If you want to read the rest of the article follow the next link: Barcelona stirs the shaker.

“When I grow up I want to be a chef”

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-18 a les 11.16.07

Recently the newspaper Ara made an extent article about the students of the Escola Superior de Hostelería de Barcelona (ESHOB, the Barcelona’s superior school of hostelry), nowadays catalan cuisine is one of the most famous and looked up to cuisines in the world therefore lots of girls and boys decide to take hostelry as a career. In the ESHOB Josep Mª Gotarda is one of the professors that teach this future chefs all the things they have to know, each monday at ten in the morning they have mixology class, and there’s where Gotarda teach them not only the preparation for every cocktail but the secrets hidden in each ingredient and the different ways one can prepare the the same cocktail. If you want to read the rest of the chronicle follow the next link: Jo de gran vull ser cuiner.

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-18 a les 11.15.47

2016 year of gastronomy and wine tourism


This past Sunday 27th the very same day that the catalan elections to the parliament in the MNAC (the National Museum of Art of Catalunya) was taking place the presentation of the year of gastronomy and wine, there we went along with Josep Roca from El Celler de Can Roca, the deudeveu choir and all the winners of the Tourism Awards of Catalunya.

The event was chaired by the highest Catalan authorities in addition to the participation of over 600 people, the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, apart from delivering the Tourism Awards of Catalunya declared 2016 as the year of the Food and Wine Tourism .

This event is one of the initiatives that are part of Catalunya Regió Europea de la Gastronomía (CREG), a distinction promoted by the departments of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food (DARP) and Business and Employment (DEMO) through Catalan Tourism, together with other authorities, actors and personalities of the country, they work to promote local products of Catalonia, including wine, cuisine and Catalonia’s territories.

During the celebration Catalan cuisine was exalted through the speech of Josep Roca and there was offered a tasting menu made by the School of Hostelry of Barcelona, made entirely of Catalan products and harmonized with wines from all the Catalan territories.

Here you have a photo of the event, Josep Maria Gotarda with the boys and girls from the School of Hostelry of Barcelona:


Mi(x)ology Trends 2015


On Tuesday September 29 Josep Maria Gotarda participated in the presentations of the first Mi(x)ology Trends 2015 congress in Madrid.


Throughout 2014, they have been marketed in Spain around 200 million liters of spirits and 760 million euros of excise duty was raised. Spain is the third country, after Britain and France, with the highest number of direct jobs created by this industry in the whole European Union.


Against this background that moves large quantities in the economy of Spain, born Mixogoly (X) Trends a need to educate professionals and the most international trends show event. The congress will have different areas, lecture rooms and activities.

Josep Maria Gotarda participated with the conference: “Old Fashion”, where he also collaborated with other great masters of the cocktail world such as Alberto Gómez Font, Manel Trivió, Juan Luis Recio, Cristino Álvarez, Fernando del Diego and Jesús Navarro. They explained not only the history of the cocktail but anecdotes and their very own personal experiences in the sector.


We want to thank and congratulate the organization and we hope to meet again next year!