Ideal Cocktail Bar in Cuina magazine

In the last issue of Cuina magazine Ideal has a little reportage about the Manhattan, one of the favorite cocktails of Josep Mª Gotarda. This cocktail is one of the most iconic in the mixology world and its relation with the city of New York is indisputable, at Ideal you can enjoy its classical version made out of whisky or rye but Gotarda has his own preference and makes it with bourbon or, if the client desires, he makes it with vermouth. However, this cocktail doesn’t need any extra change to be perfect in its own way with the traditional recipe and that’s what makes it so famous amongst other cocktails. Here we leave you the recipe for a good Manhattan and the pictures of the reportage.



  • 6 cl of bourbon or rye
  • 2 cl of black vermouth (at Ideal we use Martini)
  • 2 touches of Angostura
  • 1 marrasquino cherry

Cool down a martini glass, put in a shaker some ice and shake it, take out the water excess and add the bourbon, the vermouth and the angostura, mix it up to cool everything down. Put a cherry in the glass and pour down the liquid in it filtering the ice with a strainer and it’s ready to serve.
1 portada

Ideal Master Class

Last 20th of May we had the pleasure of directing a masterclass for the Girona’s School of Hostelry students. The masterclass was conducted by our barmans Manel Roldán and Sergi Sánchez and it consisted of teaching the students the elaborations of some classic cocktails as well as the history of such cocktails. We leave you here a selection of photos from the class and the history of the origins of the classic Manhattan cocktail.



The Manhattans cocktail Origins

The mother of Winston Churchill is credited with its invention in the New York City’s Manhattan Club, which was before the Empire State Building was actually build, the day celebrating the election of his friend, Samuel Jones Tilden, as governor of New York. Lady Randolph Churchill (Jennie Jerome) was born in Broooklyn and was a woman of remarkable beauty, with a very intense and hectic life: he married three times and had a significant influence on the political career of his son. He died after falling over a ladder because of some high heels that were quite unsuitable for walking.
In the book Valentine’s Manual of New York (1923), the bartender of New York’s Hofftman House mentions a man named “Black”, the supposedly owner of a gambling den on Broadway, as its inventor.
Another story, according to an article in a journal of Winconsin, puts its creation in 1899 on a ship that sailed the Mississippi River. Colonel Joe Walker, who was traveling with friends from New York, mixed whiskey and vermouth, which were the only drinks they had, and came to New Orleans, and once perfected the mix, he named it “Manhattan” in honor their friends.