Halloween at Ideal

Halloween has come to Ideal! And to celebrate it until Monday we will be serving two very special cocktails created by ourselves.
The first one is a vey unique gintonic, here we leave you the recipe:

  • Gin Vones macerated with chestnut
  • Schweppes Tonic
  • A few drops of chestnut syrup
  • Licorice stick for garnish
  • Pumpkin strip for garnish
  • Roasted marshmallows


And the second one:

  • Tequila
  • Pumpkin juice
  • Chestnut syrup
  • Ginger Syrup



Take advantage of these days to enjoy these cocktails that will only be available until Monday!

Divine Barcelona

Last week we were featured in Barcelona Divina magazine. We were in a top 5 of the best cocktail bars of Barcelona which were challenged to create de “Barcelona Divina’s Cocktail”. Our barman Manel was inspired by the uniqueness and explosiveness of this city to create his cocktail Barcelona Divina, in it he mixed the citric of oranges and limes, the sweetness of cinnamon and strawberries and the final touch was the adding of a spicy chile all of that mixed in Mezcal. Manel defined it like:

“This is a refreshing cocktail, fruity, with smokey and spicy details and with a slightly peppery final touch”.

Here we leave you the ingredients as well as the elaboration if you want to try it at home!



  • 5cl of White Mezcal from Ágave Espadín
  • 1/4 of orange
  • 2cl of cinnamon and chile syrup
  • 3.5cl of strawberry purée
  • 2cl of lime juice

Put in a shaker the chopped orange and pestle it, after that add the rest of the ingredients with quite a lot of ice. It will be served shaked in an individual jar with enough crushed ice. To decorate put a piece of pink grapefruit and a piece of papaya, both of them dehydrated.

The triplet cocktail

This monday Ara.cat newspaper talked about the last creation of Guillermo Fontseré, bartender of Ideal Cocktail bar, the Triplet cocktail. On the score of Barça’s recent victories Guillermo (who besides being one well-known mixologist and winner of the Spain’s best gintonics competition is a life-long FCB fan) has created this new cocktail with triple sec, sweet white vermouth, cava and dehydrated fruit. However this ain’t the first cocktail he creates based on the football club, two years ago he already made the “Neymar gintonic” a cocktail that is served in a cider glass with two ice cubes: one blue and the other red.
In this case he was prompted by the clients of Ideal to make a drink that they could have to celebrate the club’s triplet. This cocktail not only is very refreshing but you can take it by the afternoon and after meals, it’s perfect for this summer!

Coctel-Triplet-Guillermo-Fontsere-IDEAL_ARAIMA20150608_0157_16 copia

Via Augusta


Via Augusta is the name of the cocktail we specially created for the Chartreuse Day, it’s made of:

· 4 cl Green Chartreuse
· 1 cl Amaretto
· 3 cl Vodka Tatra
· 4 cl orange juice
· 4 cl of cranberry juice
· decorated with orange peel and dried raspberry


Tarragona’s Via Augusta passed by where for years Chartreuse was developed. This smooth cocktail is refreshing, perfectly balanced, and the essence of Chartreuse remains present.
Like this via this cocktail is a link between two different civilizations.